Do my kids need hunting licenses

Yes, even children are required to have hunting licenses in the state of Illinois. Under the Apprentice license program a person of any age can purchase a hunting license even if they have not graduated their Hunter Education class.

How many birds can be harvested?

Since we are a licensed hunting preserve, you may harvest as many birds as you like (pheasants, chukar, or quail)

Can hen pheasants be harvested

Yes, hen pheasants can be harvested on the club grounds. All birds that are taken off the Coon Creek Hunt Club grounds, must be properly tagged.

Do I need a hunting license?

Yes, both resident and non-residents need to have a valid hunting license. However, per page 8 of the Hunt Trap Digest – Habitat stamps are not required to hunt migratory waterfowl, coots and hand-reared toe clipped mallards and hand-reared game birds on licensed game breeding and hunting preserve areas.

Can I bring my own dog to your club?

Yes, all members can use their own dogs for hunting.

Do you offer any type of introductory hunts?

Yes our club does offer introductory hunts please call the main number for scheduling.

Do your guides run flushers or pointers?

We have guides that run both, please let us know what kind you prefer prior to booking a guided hunt.

What size shot do you recommend for upland bird hunting?

We suggest using shot sizes 5,6,7. Lead shot is prohibited, only steel shot or other environmentally safe shot is allowed.

What are your season dates?

Our upland hunting runs from October 1st – March 31st depending on weather and bird availability.

What type of habitat will you be hunting?

Our property is generally flat and made up of native prairie grasses and sorghum fields.

Do you sell ammunition at the club?

Yes, our club does sell ammunition. We only sell no-tox shotshells. A valid FOID Card is needed when purchasing ammo.

Do you have member bird cleaning facilities available?

No, our club does not have a spot where members can clean birds. We do however clean birds when asked for a minimal fee.

Can the clubhouse be used for private parties?

Yes, our clubhouse can be rented to host parties, special occasions and business meetings. Please call us ahead of time for scheduling. Catering is no problem.

Does my gun need to be cased while heading to a field?

Yes, All guns need to be cased while heading to a field in a vehicle.