Clay Shooting Is Now Open


All clay shooting ranges are now open for the season!  If you are a club member and have taken your shooting certification class you are now welcome to come enjoy our expanded shooting offerings.  If you are not a member or would like more information on how you can become Continue Reading →

About Us

todd-homeTodd Graf founded Coon Creek Hunt Club in 2003 with the belief that the upland hunter did not have to travel far for a quality and memorable hunt. His passion for hunting and years of experience has helped build a successful hunt club. The privately owned hunting land is maintained and managed so hunters can experience a quality pheasant hunting experience within 60 miles of Chicago and the Northwest suburbs.

In addition to pheasant hunting the club also offers Trap Shooting, Sporting ClaysEuropean Style Shoots and a 3D Archery Range. The hunt club is the perfect place to conduct corporate outings, family celebrations or any other private party. Call us today at 847-603-4868 and our knowledgeable and helpful staff will assist you in scheduling a hunt. Click here to read more about our membership opportunities.

Current rates

Lockers Additional
Pheasants | Chukars
Payment Options*
Archery NA $5 NA NA NA | NA $100 | $50
Initiation Fee Annual Fee
Shooting NA $15 NA NA NA | NA $250 | $100
Initiation Fee Annual Fee
Limited QTY
0 $25 $3ea NA $25 | $19 $475 $150 UP FRONT&
$65 Payments For 6 Months
Individual 30 $10 $3ea NA $20 | $17 $1195 $365 UP FRONT&
$160 Payments For 6 Months
100 free free free $19 | $16 $4300 3 PAYMENTS/$1433.33
  • A Valid credit card must be provided at time of membership enrollment. The card will be used as the main means of payment for additional birds being purchased, any applicable guest fees, and in the case of a no show. (Member will be consulted prior to credit card being charged)
  • Birds on account must be released by march 15th and do not carry over to the following year.
  • *Automatic Monthly Payments will be billed to a approved credit card if cost is financed.
  • Birds costs increase by $1 per bird after January 1st due to feed costs.
  • All memberships include access to dog training grounds & archery range year around.
  • New memberships include 1/2 hour dog training session provided by Steady on Point.
  • Once birds on account are used, CCHC cannot guarantee availability of additional birds
  • In the event of a pheasant shortage, birds may be substituted
  • There are no additional charges for over-bagging on released bird hunts. (Members Only)
  • All hunters under the age of 16 hunt free (minimum bird release does not apply for kids).


Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
Clean Up Hunts
$10 / harvested Birds
By Reservation Only
5 Chukars $80
Only Valid for First 5 Chukars
Bird Cleaning

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